1. Oh Brandi Edwards

  2. I had such a good time with this one I picked up from a bar on a Wednesday. …and I thought dish rags were filthy.

  3. Courtney Taylor is just white trash enough to not feel bad when you spit on her face after she asks you to stop.

  4. cheatingandbreakupsluts:

    Covering the woman you love with the seed of other men.

    (Source: shewantstobemyslut)

  5. (Source: gigantic-boobs)

  6. no-mediocre-bitches:

    Karlie Montana

    HollyRandall.com “Glisten”

    Part I

    Karlie Montana.

  7. 2drool4:

    "Time for your mouthful of cum…."

  8. irishcucky:

    The basis of what this blog and my obsession is about.  The beautiful White Goddess being bred by the Superior Black God

  9. irishcucky:

    This Picture is art……I just wish every white girl was getting what they deserved instead of pathetic white bois like me!